Chad Bliss

Principal, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School (NSW)

A low socio-economic area, low literacy and numeracy levels, poor attendance and high suspension rates presented a unique challenge for Chad Bliss, following his appointment as Principal of The Canobolas Rural Technology High School.


The Canobolas Rural Technology High School decreased unexplained absences by 28%

To re-engage students, Chad employed 'Design Thinking' strategies to identify the root causes of the issues students were facing. Chad and his staff then used these learnings to develop innovative programs to support student wellbeing, increase learning engagement and equip students with the necessary skills to secure jobs or go on to tertiary education, with a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

These initiatives have improved student behaviour, decreased unexplained absences, increased numeracy and literacy levels, and been shared with schools across the country.

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