Craig Skinner

Principal, Calista Primary School (WA)

Beginning his career more than 20 years ago in the remote Kimberley region in WA, Craig Skinner has always been passionate about creating a positive and successful learning experience for students and teachers in disadvantaged communities.


NAPLAN assessments were improved within the first 12 months

Since commencing as Principal of Calista Primary School in 2013, Craig’s passion for achieving positive outcomes for both students and staff has seen the school community transform from significantly underperforming in NAPLAN testing to achieving higher than the national average. This has been accomplished by introducing teacher mentoring programs, a reinvigorated curriculum and the creation of an on-site child and parent centre.

The school has significantly lifted both numeracy and literacy results. It has one of the highest progress and achievement levels compared to like schools across Australia and most recently, was appointed as a Teacher Development School in recognition of its achievements.

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