Leah Crockford

Principal, Berry Springs Primary School (NT)

Faced with a disengaged school community, a lack of cohesion between school and home, and alarming NAPLAN results, Leah Crockford, Principal of Berry Springs Primary School, knew that to make a difference she had to change the school's culture and approach to learning.

Berry Springs School was identified as one of the top three schools in the Northern Territory for Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN growth

To improve students’ outcomes, Leah focused on existing strengths at the school and worked to reduce its weaknesses. She replaced staff who did not share her values and commitment to taking things forward, and introduced real-life learning by taking students next door to the Territory Wildlife Park for classes.

After targeted professional development, a new whole-school approach to teaching and learning and a culture change process, the 2015/2016 NAPLAN results saw Berry Springs Primary School students achieving above the expected achievement trajectories nationally.

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