Sarah Mathews

Master Teacher, Brisbane Bayside State College (QLD)

In 2008 Dr Sarah Mathews took a big risk, leaving behind her 17-year career as a scientist to become a high school maths and science teacher at Brisbane Bayside State College, helping to make a difference to the critical shortage of mathematics and science teachers.

Launched numeracy committee to significantly improve NAPLAN numeracy results

Through her analysis of NAPLAN trends, Sarah observed that many students had limited intuitive numeracy ability. This led her to develop a numeracy committee that introduced the evidence-based practice of ‘numeracy moments’ – a program that enriches mathematical thinking by incorporating mathematics into real-life situations.

Since the launch of the initiative in 2013, there has been a marked improvement in students’ problem-solving and reasoning skills and a significant improvement in the College’s NAPLAN numeracy results.

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