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Creating career pathways and future leaders

Support beyond the normal career advice.

It is hard for young people to make informed career decisions with the limited knowledge they have of what is becoming an increasingly complex Australian job market.

Often they are told to discover and then follow their passion, but whilst they may know what they are passionate about it can be hard to translate this into a viable study path, let alone a lasting professional career.

“Often the type of career advice given to those now entering the workforce is no longer applicable.”

Steve Shepherd

And on top of this many of them lack the skills they need to get a job once they understand their career direction.

The Career Insight Group of companies including Directioneering and Audrey Page have helped thousands executives across Australia develop their careers.

TwoPointZero, was launched by the group in 2016 as new addition to the business designed specifically to bring the acquired knowledge gained working with executives to help young Australians develop fulfilling careers. They achieve this by helping them to find their career direction and utilise their passion, aiding graduates to pursue more than just a job by providing them with the tools and insights they need to create a happy and healthy professional life with the support of a career coach.

Focusing on the 16 to 30 age group, the company not only helps university graduates, but also those in high school making career choices, school leavers who may have lacked career development support to this point or those that have entered the workforce but are not happy with the direction this has taken them so far.

According to TwoPointZero chief executive Steve Shepherd, the focus of the business is on aiding the next generation to develop a plan and the skills and focus they need to survive in the future of work.

“Often the type of career advice given to those now entering the workforce is no longer applicable” Shepherd says. “Parents need to be aware that the advice they are giving, based on their own experience, is for many over 30 years old and out of date. The workforce was a very different place to the one they entered. And this problem is compounded as the career advice being given in many schools and universities is quite often limited. What we do is offer knowledge and experience beyond the normal career advice; not just on what careers they can pursue now, but on how to train, prepare, and build a career plan for future jobs, industries, and opportunities, as well as today’s, as research shows that today’s graduates are likely to have several careers throughout their working life.”

“We have worked with 1000’s of executives through career transition for over 20 years. Often they tell us they wish they had learnt what we teach them at the beginning of their careers and so we are now brining that knowledge and teaching and applying it to those entering the workforce for the first time,” Shepherd says.

Under the TwoPointZero programs, graduates benefit from having a career coach who works one on one with them to identify career options that are right for them, guides their decision making based on their likes, professional passions, and needs and help them to develop the job seeking skills they need to effectively present themselves to employers.

While TwoPointZero helps applicants to make the right study choices and to create a flexible career plan, sharpening their focus on the next steps needed to take to reach their goals, it also goes beyond this. The company teaches applicants how to build a professional network, both online and face-to-face, how to create an effective professional social media profile, create a resume that sells their skills and experience and how to develop the interview skills they need to ensure they stand out against other job seekers.

With the unemployment rate more than double the national average for people under the age of 25 and the nature of work and careers changing at a rapid pace, making the right career choices and getting their first step on the job ladder can be tough for many young Australians. Having a career coach with them on the journey enables them to develop the insights and skills then need to find the right path and compete in a very crowded and competitive job market.

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