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Driving Organisational Change

Customer experience has emerged as the new currency for marketers. It informs budget decisions, drives organisations towards agility, and has propelled the delivery of analytics into the mainstream of business planning.

Here’s a look back at some of the most popular CX stories on Which-50 over the last year.

Transformational Thinking

“Experiences are the new basis for competition. If all we talk about is great digital marketing campaigns we would be missing the point because we think that digital experiences have the power to transform every aspect of our lives. They change the way we think, how we travel, how we spend our money, do our jobs and relate to each other.”

Source: Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO and Chairman, Adobe Symposium Sydney 2016


Stop kidding yourself. Over 80 per cent of shoppers say they cannot get what they want in-store while 91 per cent of grocery retail pros are confident they are meeting customer expectations.

Source: Blue Yonder, See Huge Expectation Gap between Consumers and Retailers, Which-50 12 January, 2017

Driving Agility

According to The CMO Club, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Accelent Consulting, in a study a called “CMO Insights on the Journey Toward Digital Agility”, enhancing the customer experience is the leading driver of the push to agile marketing. Other drivers such as improving competitive position and increasing sales follow behind.

Source: Which-50 15 February, 2017

Harder Than It Looks

Getting customer experience right is even more important in hardware than in software or web sites — and also a lot tougher. People forget that the Apple Newton crashed and burned fourteen years before the iPhone revolutionised the mobile device market. In 2002, clunky Microsoft tablets were launched and failed, followed eight years later by the iPad. The PC era got underway in 1977 with the launch of Commodore PET, Apple II and the TRS-80, but it would take another 23 years before more powerful and less expensive hardware (plus people’s desire to access the Internet) would result in PCs making their way into more than half of American households.

Part of the reason for hardware’s long road to adoption is that iteration is tough — while Facebook can push an app update to our phones every week, Apple launches a major iPhone iteration every two years, and most consumers wait even longer to replace their existing models.

Source: Gartner For Marketers.

Three Ways to Create Great Customer Experiences

  1. Structure experiences around customer journeys. CX Leaders need to identify the journeys their customers take, the data that indicates a customer is on a given journey, and the content and functionality they need to move closer to their goal.

  2. Ask how customer data can inform each interaction. Don’t start individualisation efforts by trying to come up with uses for available customer data. CX Leaders should start by asking how a specific interaction can be individualised for the customer. After articulating how the interaction can be improved, ask what customer data is required to make it happen.

  3. Get agile. Individualised experiences are an emerging category of experiences. As a result, best practices and design patterns are still being defined. This means that CX Leaders interested in creating individualised experiences need to take an agile approach that focuses on rapid prototyping, failing fast, and quick release cycles rather than strung-out processes.

Source: Which-50, Three Critical Trends in the Year of the Connected Customer, by Brian Donn, 27 January, 2017

Phone My Banker!

Banking using an app on a mobile phone or tablet is more popular than using branches, according to research from Roy Morgan. The research found 38.8 per cent of Australians used a banking app in an average four-week period, compared with only 28.2 per cent who visited branches. Consumers are also more satisfied with their digital experiences than with their face-to-face interactions. Among the big four banks, 90.7 per cent of users surveyed were satisfied with mobile banking, compared to 84.8 per cent satisfaction with branches.

Source: Roy Morgan Research. Banking Apps Are More Popular Than Visiting Branches. Which-50 6 January, 2017.

CX is Driving Tech Investments in Retail

According to Praveen Bhadada, Practice Head (Enterprise Digital Transformation) & Partner, Zinnov, “Retail is one of the most important verticals from a digital transformation standpoint and the focus is clearly visible from the rising digital spending in the industry.

“We are witnessing dollars being spent across two broad categories: Customer experience (such as immersive shopping, robotic shop floor assistants, new-age check outs, omnichannel engagement); and operational efficiency (real-time logistics tracking, connected warehouses, and data-driven decision-making).”

Source: Zinnov Global Retail Digital Services Landscape See Retailers Will Spend $US150 Billion On Digital Services By 2020, Which-50 8 December, 2016